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Locally fabricated 3D printer

AB3D - African Born 3D Printer
AB3D  (African Born 3D Printing) is  Kenya engineering company that builds 3D printers from scratch using recycled materials.  Their 3D Printers are manufactured locally from electronic waste parts, all from scratch. Each printer is unique depending on the type of electronic waste we harvest.
Why it's innovative
AB3D is a hardware start-up, set up as a social enterprise, involved with the local production of quality and affordable 3D printers and 3D printing filament all from recycled waste materials. The 3D printers are built from scratch using electronic waste and other locally available materials. The team extrudes the filament from recycled PET waste, though the AB3D is yet to formally launch this.
The 3D printers, branded as Retr3D (as you would retread worn out vehicle tyres), retail at USD 350 per unit.
Other services offered
AB3D also offer 3D printing services and at KES 1000 ($10) per hour of print time. Other services include 3D modeling and design services and 3D printer repair at affordable prices.
How To Get Involved
The AB3D team is looking for:
  • Interns
  • Product & business development fellows
  • Collaborations with schools, universities and educational beneficial partnerships
  • Mentorship on advanced design & business development
Get In Touch
Want to get your hands on a 3D Printer or find out more about their work? Here's how to reach them:
About the Founder
Roy Ombatti is a mechanical engineer from Kenya with a passion for using tech in developing bottom-up technologies.
Prior to AB3D, Roy worked on leveraging the power of 3D printing to print shoes for people affected by jigger infestation - this causes the deformation of feet.
Since them, Roy has been actively involved in tech development programs like IDDS, Stanford FabLearn Fellowship and FabLab Nairobi where he's worked with teams in engaging young people on the use of technology.
website : AB3D
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