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A portable, outdoor grill

Portable, outdoor grill for your barbeques 
Remember the last time you went on an outdoor trip with you friends, stop the car and the most picturesque view and set up for the day. You're all set for chilled out day of good company and good food. The only thing is that you probably have to use a makeshift grill for the barbeque which is such a pain especially if you're the one who has to set it up.
Why it's innovative
Flexi Grill solves this problem. Flexi Grill is an outdoor, portable and easy to assemble grill that's great especially for travellers and campers. 
The assembly process is simple in a plug and play fashion where all the different components are fitted together and locked in place using provided mechanisms hence no risk of losing the components.
Being a lover of the outdoors, I was constantly exploring travelling but noticed that there was a big challenge in having in outdoor barbeques due to the lack of conveniently portable barbeque grills.~ Maurice Ireri,  Flexi Grill Founder
What they are looking for:
  • Plasma cutters and high tech workshop tools
  • Funding to support the expansion of production, manufacturing and the team
  • Designers and fabricators to join the growing team
  • Partners in the region for marketing and distribution of his products
How to reach the team:
About the Founder
Maurice Ireri is a Kenyan inventor with a background in Mechatronics engineering. His passion for local innovation and manufacture lead him to develop the Flexigrill which gives portability and durability to the users.
His vision is to continue developing products that solve local challenges and create job opportunities for the growing number of highly educated young Africans.
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