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Educational Programmable Boards

Warefab in a Kenyan-based tech company that manufactures open source embedded electronic systems for STEM education or research.
Warefab provides innovative, easy to use hardware and software platforms for tech enthusiasts and educational groups.
Scratch-n-Sketch is a maker kit for everyone from 8 years old. The board allows users to light up the LED lights, rotate motors, play games or control your PC with home media remote control or craft your own project.
Scratch-n-Sketch is an easy to use  plug and play  kit that makes it easy for students, educators, hobbyists, experts etc to learn electronics and how to code.
Why It's Innovative
WareFab have developed a Scratch programming board for kids using the open source Scratch platform that is  compatible with Python, Ruby, C#, Java, JavaScript among other programming languages.
and you can view it in as a textual based language e.g Python, Ruby, C#, Java, JavaScript etc
"Scratch-n-sketch is an easy-to-use platform for everyone - students, educators, engineers, designers, inventors, makers, hobbyists and artists."
Scratch-n-Sketch is a great local product that will support the growing hardware community in Africa. The Warefab team is running an Indiegogo campaign to help take their Scratch-n-Sketch product to the next level. Here's how you can be a part of this campaign.
Other products from Warefab
Some of their products and services include:
  • Sensor kits and modules e.g. GPS, light, temperature, humidity, sound.
  • Education and research electronic learning platforms. ‘
  • Wireless communication modules e.g. GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • PCB/electronic product design and Assembly for clients
  • Intelligent System automation.
  • Software/firmware designs.
  • Supply of electronic components.
About the founders
Mercy Ngoiri and John Muchiri are makers, innovators and engineers based in Kenya. The team founded Warefab as a way of increasing access to electronics and learning programs to serve the growing local market. They have a deep passion for creating and building STEM learning programs for children, hobbyists and engineers that are both easy to use and locally available.
" Our vision is to inspire young people in Africa to be creators rather than consumers of computing n technology." ~ Mercy Ngoiri
Using their platform, they have been able to make STEM learning more practical and hands-on for both young learners and university students.
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